Music Money Formula Success Stories
Mike Mangione
Six weeks after joining MMF, Mike a first time music teacher got his first student, and at twice the local rate!
Debbie Barrette
Debbie, an experienced music teacher just gave herself a $3600 raise only 4 weeks after joining Music Money Formula!
JJ Eboli
JJ just enrolled 2 new clients at a premium rate and is transitioning his current students to his new rate.
Dave Plesh
Dave is now charging $100 an hour and has the time freedom he always wanted!
Jim Steed
Jim is charging $125 an hour with the Music Money Formula!
Brian Diprimo
Brian now has what he needs to properly & professionaly run his lesson business!
Ashlee Hughes
Hear what long time teacher, Ashlee has to say about Music Money Formula.
Jesse Boxer-Meyrowitz
Jesse just got his first new student at his new premium rate!
Justin Carney
Justin used our system to get a new client in just a few days!

Jimena Fosado
20 year old Jimena just increased her current income by $8000!
Sid Bardfield
Longtime teacher increased his income almost immediately!
Ben Brill
Three months into the Music Money Formula Ben is having his best $$$ month ever!
Monica Garcia
The Music Money Formula has transformed Monica's music school.
Shannon Bengford
Eight weeks into the program Shannon is making a few thousand dollars MORE a
Jan Janovsky
In under 2 months he increased his money income by $600!
Lauren Sofka
Increased her rates and has had success in her first month, listen to her story.
Misty Carlile
Listen to how she completley changed her business and has already increased her income by $800 a month! 
Jakob Peck
He started in June and has already doubled his rates with 10 of his students. 
Angie Green
Increased her income by $4000 in 8 weeks!
Joe Caliguro
Listen to how Music Money Formula helped build Joe & Lynn's business.
Alex Laz
Hear how Alex has already made $10,000 from MMF!
Cirke Cherockee
Listen to how MMF jumped started Cirke's business!
Dana Rice
Dana added $1400 to her income in 8 weeks!
Adam Zalewski
Adam DOUBLED his income with MMF!
Music Money Formula - We Make Successful Private Music Teachers
• You can make a great living as a musician
• You can be successful from any location
• We invest in you, zero out of pocket costs
We Only Make Money, When You Make Money.
BTW - We have NOTHING to sell you!
Watch this video for details about our investment program.
We are investing in 20 people (Q2 2019) that we feel are the most qualified candidates. 
Not sure this is the right fit for you? Attend our next free, online training class to learn more. 

Learn how to overcome the 3 biggest mistakes that keep you from getting students who pay top dollar. Plus, I’m going to send you a FREE BOOK (an e-book version of our book How to Earn a Professional Income as a Private Music Educator), just for signing up. 
See below for what we provide, when we invest in you.
We are currently accepting candidates for the 2nd Quarter of 2019 (apply below)
This program is for, people who teach private music lessons, want to teach private music lessons, or own a company who provide private music lessons.

Be Sure to see success stories below.
Everything in MMF is designed to give you a successful teaching business that you 100% own. 

All the materials are designed to represent you. You put your name and logo on everything. This proves to your future clients that you are a professional and deserve a professional rate.
Our investment includes:
The Music Money Formula Blue Print to a successful private lesson business.

 How to set yourself up for success:

- Determine professional rates

- Best teaching model for you

- Build your lesson packages

- High value programs and benefits

- Successful web presence (Free website included)

- High end enrollment process


How to get top paying clients:

- Define your ideal client

- Know what is important to them

- What marketing tools will reach them (All included)

- Your marketing messaging

- Your marketing campaigns

- Incentives that make students choose you

- All included


How to keep students long term:

- The structure of high end lessons

- How to make lessons fun and engaging (Games included)

- Steps to successful performances

- Student milestones

- Programs that keep students planning on a future with you.


Maintain long term success:

- Best practices for scheduling and tracking.

- Developing a waiting list

- Scale by adding other instructors

- Best hiring and training practices

- Fair compensation

- Contracts

- Scale and forecasting

 Full curriculums for guitar, piano, drums, voice and bass.
David’s Digital Marketing Course
How to easily reach students online.
 Pre-done ready to print forms.
- Packages

- Enrollment forms and scripts

- Concert kits

- Forms for advertising in local schools

- Quarterly student evaluation forms

 Access to the MMF MasterMind Group.
MMF MasterMind is a support team on steroids. Literally hundreds of music educators working together and helping each other.
MMF Boot Camp
6 week long, online group class.

Clear objectives and accountability

Boot Camp handbook with a clear action plan

Access to past BootCamp archives and a replay of current classes.

Two, 1-hour, one on one coaching calls can be scheduled post boot camp with either Tim Guille or David Reckles.
Ongoing Support
- Lifetime access to MMF Mastermind.

- Email support

- AMA Support

- Access to weekly online class discussions

We are investing in 20 people (Q2 2019) that we feel are the most qualified candidates.
Not sure this is the right fit for you? Attend our next free, live, online training class to learn more. Click Here.
Apply Here 
Here are just a few more success stories from our students:
Dave Plesh
"Music Money Formula not only gave me the plan, but also gave me the confidence I needed to put the plan into action. After just a few months I'm already making 50% more than I was each month. My dream of making a career in music is now becoming a reality. I will be forever grateful to Tim and the entire team at Music Money Formula. THANK YOU!"

Felix Nelson
"I was taught not only how to actually market myself, but I also got to realize that I do have something valuable to offer other people. Music Money Formula gave me a great advantage when it comes to making money. With simple steps, it shows you how to be professional, and how to be someone people want as a teacher instead of being a teacher in need of students. I would definitely recommend it to anyone."
Matt Murphy
"There are times when you should truly appreciate the fact that someone steps into your life. This couldn't be more true regarding my new friend, Tim Guille. He is a wonderful human being and is at the top of his game in the field of Music Education. In the short time that I've known Tim, I have been afforded the opportunity to learn how to make my private teaching practice in Las Vegas the best it can be. The wealth of knowledge that I've gained from Tim is worth its weight in gold."

Ella Glasgow
"Tim was such a great teacher. I was really inspired by the course and can't wait to implement the things he taught us. There was SO much information given in this course. I'm still digesting a lot of it. Two of the biggest things for me, at this point, will be the workbooks and my new confidence in raising my rates."
Dave Lockwood
"If you're skeptical about purchasing an instructional program on the internet, you should be! However, not in Tim's case. Tim has put A LOT work in to the program, so you will get MORE than what you pay for here, I have no doubt. It's obvious to me that Tim cares about the success of those that decide to make the leap with him to work on their businesses. He adds that rare personal touch. The rest is up to you - do it!"
Brian DePrimio
"I wish this product had been available when I first began my career teaching music lessons. I did not set up and maintain my business properly and experienced unnecessary problems and turmoil as a result. Music Money Formula comprehensively covers every problem that I experienced, and most importantly... provides solutions for them. I believe that it is a MUST-have for anyone who is currently teaching or interested in teaching private music lessons in any capacity."
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